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To the JAIN China Conference 2022 – A Collab between China and NL

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About the Conference


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The JAIN China Conference 2022 is a distinguishing event focussing on Dementia and Technology. World wide 50 million people live with dementia and the quality of life of people with dementia, and their carers, must be sustained. Only in China, more than 15 million people have dementia and in The Netherlands, it is considered to be the biggest cause of death in the near future. Technology offers support and solutions. During the JCC 2022, top researchers and healthcare professionals will look at the latest developments and furture possibilities. Please feel welcome to attend the event and watch the announcement-video of Dutch Minister Conny Helder on: – Follow us as well to stay up to date: –

Conference Themes

  • Multidisciplines: Mutual cooperation between Government, Research, Care, Industry October 27,2022
  • Medical & Biological Research and Development October 28,2022
  • Aging & Disease October 29,2022
  • Biomedical Engineering & Bio-medicine – Innovative Medical Facilities – Medical Imaging October 30,2022

Conference Schedule:

October 27

October 28

October 29

October 30

Conference Chair


Conference Speakers


Co-organizers JAIN China & ISOAD Summit

Shanghai University Prof. Chunhua Zhao
Co-founder JAIN
Aging Society Prof. Kunlin Jin

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